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LightMIT, " Light product Made In Taiwan "is a manufacturing company established in 2009 to offer LED products for our customers. Holding customers satisfaction and quality first as company goal, customers grows up gradually as well as the company itself.   Why make a difference between us and the others?  The strength of LightMIT is the outstanding capability to design and customized products to meet customers demand.  In addition, our timewise management is making a step ahead from the other LED manufacture companies.  We also provide comprehensive industrial / commercial lighting design and energy saving planning.  To broadband the business scope, we start to promote our best products to worldwide and bring best quality to our value customers.

“LightMIT, Make It  Trustworthy”



萊鎂科技成立於2009年,提供客戶全面性的LED照明產品。  總是把客戶滿意度及產品品質當作是公司的第一優先,公司及既有客戶在我們完整的服務下不斷成長。萊鎂科技的優勢在於以下幾點:    萊鎂科技有超群的設計及客製化服務來滿足客戶的需求。同時,我們對於客戶所採購的客製化產品後及出貨時間都能有精準的掌握,比起其他公司相對而言快而迅速。萊鎂科技同時提供全面性的工業及商業照明設計及節能規劃服務的提供。為了擴大我們商業模式,萊鎂開始行銷我們最好的產品到世界各地及帶給我們客戶最好的品質及產品。





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